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Is there a correlation between drilling permits and the cost of crude?

After searching various sources and comparing numbers, I’ve come up with a nifty chart showing the amount of drilling permits under president compared to the cost of crude oil. I’ll let the readers intepret this data themselves, personally I don’t … Continue reading

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My passion, grammar and motivations for this blog

I thought I’d just post a personal article for those few viewers to my blog. My passion for politics spans for a good number of years, however it really began to grow with the 2008 general elections. Over the last … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with State voter ID laws?

Voter ID laws are being introduced in a number of states across the United States, the majority of them being red States. The purpose of these laws¬†are¬†supposedly to combat voter impersonation fraud that apparently has become a serious problem in … Continue reading

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