My passion, grammar and motivations for this blog

I thought I’d just post a personal article for those few viewers to my blog.

My passion for politics spans for a good number of years, however it really began to grow with the 2008 general elections. Over the last 4 years I’ve learned more things from the various debates that I’ve participated in than through my entire life. I’ve participated in numerous political debates spanning all the core issues and at times I’ve found that I’ve I’ve been corrected. Most of the time I find myself in a debate with an unequal audience which may be unpleasant but in alot of ways it hardens my debating skills one way or another.

The good thing about being corrected is that you get the opportunity to learn something new and it gives you the opportunity to conduct more research. I’ve found that on many occasions when an opposing debater had corrected me on a topic, more than often I’d carry out research and in turn this would serve to strengthen my knowledge and my ability to debate. What I am saying is that I welcome criticism to my blog, I welcome new insights into the issues, it gives me an opportunity to re-examine my positions, so please don’t hesitate to correct me (provided you have the appropriate sources).

Now why would I post articles on a blog that barely gets any viewers? This blog is much like that of a storage unit to me where I prefer to express the things I’ve learned recently, my insights, and where I can save them somewhere for future references. I save my articles on my computer of course but it’s good to sometimes display them in public for anybody wishing to view them. This blog has been instrumental to my various debates on many political forums. It was never really intended for an audience although I do hope someday, once these articles are perfected further, that I can post them on websites the likes of The Huffington Post. That is a long way away so for now this blog will suffice.

I would like to apologize for my bad grammar throughout these articles, I’m not really all that perfect. That 4 years of University helped me significantly in writing essays and articles but I admit that I still have a long way to go toward perfecting my articles grammar wise, I only ask for your patience. From time to time I do come onto this blog to re-read my articles and to fix them up. My articles are very long so they take a while to completely restructure.

Finally, speaking about the lengths of my articles, they are very long compared to typical articles on other blogs. I’ve found that during my years at university where people had difficulty typing articles close to the word limit, I always found difficulty keeping my articles below them. I think I have a tendency to overthink things sometimes, but this is reality, that politics is an expansive creature. For example I’ve found that in all my years debating the civil war, there are still new arguments that I come accross that I feel should be addressed on that particular subject. There is a wealth of information out there on many issues so more than often it is very hard to properly assess a particular issue without going into great detail regarding context and circumstances. I also feel that it is often necessarily to refer to counter arguments of those articles to ensure they account for most of the questions from viewers.  My articles require patience, so for those of you willing to take the time to do that, this would be much appreciated.

Well that’s it from me, I hope to continue bringing articles for this year so please enjoy.

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One Response to My passion, grammar and motivations for this blog

  1. southwerk says:

    Well, you have at least one viewer! James Pilant

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