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Why Trump will not win the presidency

The talking heads in the media seem to be hyping Trump’s chances against the assumed Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton this month. But is this really to be unexpected? When General Election season pops up, cable news networks that would otherwise … Continue reading

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Working on the grammar and structures of my articles

I’m constantly impressed by how well written many of these other blog articles are. I am constantly looking at improving the writing structures of my own articles and I always look to other articles to guide me to these improvements. … Continue reading

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What did the founders think of secession?

Originally posted on Freedmen's Patrol:
James Madison The conventional story goes something like this: The founders donned their powdered wigs, put their knee breeches on, and cheered as George Washington applied the requisite amount of boot leather to the…

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Debunking the Civil War Tariff Myth

Originally posted on Imperial & Global Forum:
Marc-William Palen History Department, University of Exeter Follow on Twitter @MWPalen The outbreak of the American Civil War is now more than 150 years past. All the while, the question of what caused…

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Reminding Confederate Revisionists about the facts of the civil war part 2

Fact 2# Tariffs had little to do with Confederate secession This is a common misconception about the civil war. This is not to say that tariffs and taxes were not cited as a grievance at all, infact taxes were mentioned … Continue reading

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Making sense of the gun debate: The numbers

Another day and another gun massacre in the United states. On May 23rd 2014 we saw a gun massacre occur in Santa Barbara California, another one added to the long lists of massacres. We saw another sympathetic speech from the … Continue reading

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I’m back

So I’ve been busy for the past year or so… a lot of changes in my life. Regardless, I’ve found time and interest once again to resume my posts. I plan on posting a few new articles so stay tuned!

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